An entrepreneurial fund with an innovative vision

About Us

Changemaker Capital Partners is a partnership between a group of seasoned entrepreneurs and investors formed to invest in impact-driven businesses. Our mission is to generate both social and financial returns by harnessing the power of business for good.

Unlike many investment funds, our firm is structured to build value through hands-on operations of the business, not through financial engineering of a large portfolio of many companies. This means that we focus heavily on the operations of the business, and pursue additional investments to complement our platform company.

Our Vision

We are looking to develop market-leading companies that generate sustained value for both internal and external shareholders.

Our team believes that social and environmental responsibility does not have to come at the expense of a company's profits. In fact, cause-driven companies are often more profitable, enjoying more customer loyalty and attracting more motivated employees than their competitors. We are committed to putting our energy and capital behind the long-term growth of companies that align their profitability with important causes.


Our Team

  • Managing Partner

    Changemaker Capital Partners is founded by Max Prilutsky, who is responsible for leading the acquisition search and managing day-to-day company operations. During his career, Max has successfully started, advised, acquired and sold businesses across a broad range of sizes and industries.
  • Prior to founding Changemaker Capital Partners, Max ran an independent advisory practice serving small- to medium-sized businesses spanning industries that included alternative energy, cleantech, education, green building materials, environmental services and healthcare. His advisory engagements included helping companies and investors raise capital, execute acquisitions, analyze strategy, assess sustainability practices and execute growth plans. Prior to the consulting business, Max held a business development role at an angel-backed education technology company. Prior to that, Max was a private equity investor with Gryphon Investors, a $900 million private equity fund in San Francisco, where he focused on investments in middle market companies in the education, packaging, healthcare and industrial manufacturing sectors. Prior to Gryphon Investors, Max was an investment banker in Merrill Lynch's mergers & acquisitions practice, where he helped advise on M&A transactions between large, publicly-traded companies.
  • Max holds an MBA in Entrepreneurial Management from The Wharton School and a BA in Business-Economics from the University of California, Los Angeles.
  • Limited Partners

    Investments by Changemaker Capital Partners are funded by a group of high net worth individuals and family office investors with varied backgrounds. The partnership team includes successful entrepreneurs, operators and professional investors that have joined together to pursue an acquisition search in the field of impact-driven business. The group combines a broad range of skills and experience to the investment process and business operations. In addition to providing the equity capital , the limited partners add substantial value to the entire investment process, from quickly evaluating potential deals to efficiently structuring acquisitions and introducing operational best practices to the acquisition.