Preserve your legacy by maintaining your mission

Why work with us?

As an owner considering a potential transaction with an investor, how do you ensure a legacy that remains devoted to your company's mission, continues to generate positive impact and upholds its commitments to employees, customers and the community?

Changemaker Capital Partners provides owners a unique assurance that the business will continue to pursue its social or environmental mission long after the change in ownership. While other investors may regard your cause-related efforts as "non-core activities" or worse, "potential cost savings," we consider your company's social impact as the fundamental driver behind our investment thesis. Our goal is to continue to nurture not only your company's financial performance, but also its impact on the community, environment and employees.

Compare us to other potential buyers:

Changemaker Capital Private equity funds
(financial buyers
(strategic buyers)
Commitment to your mission Core of our investment thesis None None
Your company's role Our team's focus on a day-to-day basis One of many portfolio companies Subsidiary or division of larger entity
Buyer's day-to-day focus Growing your business to drive impact Finding & executing other deals Driving financial performance of corporate parent
Source of capital Small team of entrepreneurs & private investors focused on growing small businesses Large pension funds, insurance companies, endowments & institutions Diverse base of public and/or private investors
Value creation Top-line growth, operations improvements & best practices in sustainability Financial engineering, cost-cutting, high-level strategy Synergies with parent business, cost-cutting
Time horizon Long-term, with no predetermined time horizon 3-5 years, depending on fund timing Long-term, but subject to ongoing fit with parent company's strategy
Your involvement Flexible Typically require 2-3 year commitment Varies