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We understand and appreciate the role of deal intermediaries in the lower-middle market and are interested in building mutually-beneficial relationships with investment bankers, buy- & sell-side brokers, consultants, industry associations and executives in transition.


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Benefits for Deal Intermediaries

Changemaker Capital Partners is a one-of-a-kind private investment firm with tangible advantages for deal intermediaries as compared to other investors.

A Unique Buyer

Our focus on impact-oriented companies is innovative and unique. Our message resonates with clients that place great importance on the continuity of their company's mission and corporate social responsibility practices post-sale.

Deal Flexibility

Our fund structure and managerial focus allow us to tailor deals to match the sellers' needs with regards to tax and estate planning, treatment of company real estate and desired level of involvement post-sale. Unlike conventional private equity firms, we are open to owners that want to retire as well as those that want to continue to stay involved in a managerial or advisory capacity.

Quick Feedback with Strict Confidentiality

As a small and highly agile firm, we are committed to responding to all deal opportunities with clear feedback and initial interest level within two business days. All communications about potential transactions will always be held completely confidential. If a deal does not work out, we will promptly destroy or return any confidential company information.

Focused, Decisive Due Diligence

We understand that the due diligence process can be extremely disruptive to a business during a sale process. Our team's collective experience in acquiring and running businesses allows us to focus our diligence on the issues that matter most and leverage existing systems and company documents as much as possible.

Certainty of Closing

Our transactions are financed through partnerships with a select group of family offices and high net worth individuals. We also maintain direct, ongoing relationships with a host of lenders, mezzanine providers and hybrid equity investors in order to establish an optimal capital structure for our investment. These partnerships allow us to close on deals with enterprise values up to $30 million without any outside fundraising.


We pay industry standard finder's fees for company introductions that lead to a successful acquisition.