Purpose-driven companies in the lower middle-market

Investment Focus

Our fund focuses on purpose-driven companies in the lower-middle market. Specifically, we are seeking to invest in a U.S.-based company that meets the following criteria:

Industry Characteristics

  • Media, education & training; environmental sustainability; health & wellness; sustainable food sectors
  • B2B or B2C services, technology, distribution, light manufacturing, value-added assembly business models
  • Large, growing sectors with positive macro trends
  • Fragmented market with local or regional competition
  • U.S.-based operations and impact

Company Characteristics

  • Stable & consistent track record of profitability
  • Recurring revenues via repeat sales business model, long-term contracts or long product/service lifecycles
  • Long-standing relationships with diversified customer base
  • Niche, defensible product or service
  • Strong team motivated to grow the business

Company Size

  • Annual revenues of $3M to $50M
  • Annual cash flows of $500k to $6M
  • At least 10 employees
  • Strong mid-level management

Social & Environmental Impact

  • Company's products, services or business practices poised to address a social or environmental cause
  • Company mission rooted in employee culture, with passionate team engaged in supporting the company's cause
  • Particular interest in business models related to education, the environment, health & safety, sustainable food & agriculture and responsible alternatives to conventional products and services

* We do not invest in: start-ups, distressed / turnaround situations, minority investments, consumer retail companies or franchisee rights.