Building businesses to foster positive change

Focus on Impact

As an impact-focused fund, we:

  • Seek to invest in industries driven by a social and/or environmental cause
  • Ensure that the company's mission will remain at the core of the its long-term business model
  • Analyze, benchmark and manage the company's impact with the same rigor as its financial performance
  • Are committed to investing in a holistically "good" company, considering the effects of our business on employees, customers, the community and the environment


Partnering with Us

Your business comes first

Changemaker Capital offers dedicated resources specifically for the benefit of your business, putting all of our focus and efforts into making your business as successful as possible.

Long-term perspective

Our fund doesn't have a predetermined investment horizon. We don't flip companies and we don't attempt to time economic cycles. Everything we do is with a long-term mind set, nurturing the business for the future as you have nurtured it in the past.

Fair valuation

We work with the business owner to ascertain a fair market value of the company and will be up front about our valuation. We look for healthy companies and are disciplined in our valuation. As impact investors, we do not justify higher valuations with short-term cost cutting or strategies that detract from your company's mission.

Flexible deal structure

We will work with you to adapt the deal terms to reflect your interests for the company and its circumstances.  We can also work with business owners to accommodate tax planning needs, include company real estate in the transaction, or bridge valuation expectations through creative deal structures.

Experience of investor/advisor network

To ensure accountability for the management team, we will create a Board of Directors comprised of a combination of investors, seasoned operators and value-added advisors. The company would also work with a wide network of advisors and subject matter experts to implement appropriate best practices from other operators' experiences, other companies, and other industries.

Thoughtful, deliberate transition

During our due diligence, we will work with the business owner to develop a growth plan that ensures business continuity with customers, employees and other stakeholders. Over the course of Changemaker Capital’s investment, the ownership team will continue to pursue improvements in key areas of the business:

  • Growth: We will work to develop a growth strategy that may include a combination of geographic expansion, added investment in sales & marketing, new location openings, new product introductions, pricing changes, or a combination of strategies that make the most sense for your business.
  • Operations: We hope to leverage our team’s broad experience with companies from many different industries to implement best practices typically found in much larger companies, such as sales and marketing improvements, IT systems upgrades, lean sigma strategies, or new corporate social responsibility practices.
  • Personnel: As we plan for the company’s growth, we will look to hire the best talent needed to take the company to the next level. We will take care to encourage the existing team’s participation in hiring to ensure a healthy cultural fit in the group.
  • Finance: If needed, Changemaker Capital’s investors may reserve additional capital for add-on acquisitions, capital expenditures, working capital or expansion projects in the company's future.